Professional Teeth Whitening

If you have never been satisfied with the colour of your teeth or you have noticed them becoming darker over time then teeth whitening may be the answer for you.

Dental enamel may be dark due to internal components of the teeth themselves, or it may be related to external influences such as drinking tea and red wine and smoking. As long as the condition of the enamel is healthy, teeth will respond to whitening when done in a controlled manner.

Our dentists offer a range of whitening techniques to suit your desired result and budget. We offer an in-chair whitening system for those who wish to have a quick boost to the colour of their teeth. This takes approximately 90 minutes and gives your teeth a younger appearance.

The other system we use at Dental Flossophy, is home whitening with custom-fitted trays. This process takes approximately 2- 4 weeks using it for only 30 minutes per day. This typically has the best results.

Tooth whitening removes the stained, darkened enamel through a chemical reaction with the hydrogen peroxide-based whitening gel. Teeth whitening gel should be applied professionally to ensure maximum safety.
If applied incorrectly the enamel can dehydrate and teeth can become very sensitive, as well as damage to surrounding soft tissue.

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