giirl smileWhitening can brighten your smile with very little effort. And the process can be quite inexpensive.

Occasially, all you need is a good thorough clean and this can remove surface stain from tea, coffee or smoking, making your teeth feel and look so much better.

Sometimes the colour of the teeth may need a bit more work to make them brighter.

There are two common procedures and you will need to speak to us before considering them. Sensitivity is a main concern, so doing it right for you, is important.

The two processes involve whitening your teeth at home or as a combination, in the surgery and at home.

Here is a brief description of these two proceses:

Home Whitening : This is the common method and the most economical. You wear a mouthguard-like tray with a whitening gel in it, and this is applied daily for a period of time. After about 4-6 weeks of this course, your teeth will look whiter and brighter. And some health funds cover part of this cost.

Surgery/Home Whitening : This technique uses a stronger whitening gel on your teeth and it is left to work for about 90 minutes. This is completed in the dental practice.  After this,  you take your home kit to continue and further enhance your new smile.

Call us for an assessment or click here to request a booking. There are other options, of course, and you are encouraged to seek advice before making your decision.

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