Week 7 of 8

The site is still looking like a building site but the shape and starting to take hold. The builders have made a great job at matching the style of the new extension to the building with the characteristic windows and their sill and awnings. The challenge, I hear, will be the renderer's attempt to match...
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Aug 26 : Week 6 of 8 ….it’s starting to form shape!

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I have just come back from a Dental Course in NSW and left the renovations to continue without me disrupting it. In one week, so much form has taken shape – the small 3 bedroom house looks bigger inside with so many more rooms. I was really surprised. The flow of work between the 3 surgeries and the open planned sterilizing room looks more functional than on paper.

Today was the choosing of the colour scheme – big decisions! The yellow and red on the exterior will soon go!

Our anticipated move in date is the 16th September!!

Week 4… Halfway there!

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Reaching the halfway mark and things are still looking like a building site. It still needs quite a bit of imagination to see what the final result will look like. It is moving along on time and we are still aiming on mid September to be opened.

Notice the chair in the corner! My logo chair has finally been found – sourced kindly from Paul and Leigh at Sherwood Bazaar.

Three large windows are marked out for the surgeries to have a nice aspect towards the outside. I have also found a cast iron fireplace from a house renovation to place into the old fireplace.


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