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121 Lynne Grove Ave  Corinda QLD  4075

Tel: 07 3379 4040

Monday to Fridays :   8.30am to 5.30pm

Saturdays :  8.30am to 2.30pm

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Welcome to Dental Flossophy, you are in excellent hands. Our team of highly experienced dentists in Corinda have the skills and expertise to help you no matter what your concerns might be.

We pride ourselves on our warm, friendly atmosphere and giving our customers back their winning smile by ensuring they are always the centre of attention. We will answer your questions and carefully explain all our services and the best treatment options to suit your needs.

So give us a call to book your next appointment, then sit back and let us take care of you.


Our dental Services

Our services include a dental hygienist check-up, cleaning, fillings, veneers, crowns, root canal and tooth extraction if required. We offer professional teeth whitening for brighter smiles, teeth straightening with Invisalign retainers and dental implants for any missing teeth.

We aim to provide long term preventative care in a friendly and safe surrounding, giving you an exceptional experience every time. With our open, honest and informative communication and our on-going dental maintenance, many of our new patients are word of mouth recommendations from our current patients.

We are extremely patient-driven and are passionate about creating an experience like no other. Combined with exceptional clinical skills, we feel we offer a service to our patients, that is second to none.


Reliable Emergency Dentists

If you are facing a dental emergency, the first thing to do is stay calm, pick up the phone, and call us on 07 3379 4040. After hours, your message will be forwarded onto our team who will respond as quickly as we can.

We are conveniently located within the Oxley, Sherwood, Graceville corridor on Brisbane’s Southside, opposite Corinda State High School and walking distance from the Corinda train station. If you are travelling by car, we are easy to find and have ample parking outside.

If you are in a situation where your tooth has come out, is broken or chipped, then it is always a good idea to locate it and leave it in a glass of milk which will help preserve it until you get to the dentist.

Toothache, broken teeth or injured guns can be extremely uncomfortable, so if for any reason you cannot connect with us, you are best to go straight to a hospital emergency department.


Children's Dentistry

As an experienced children’s dentist, we recommend as soon as your child gets their first teeth, you bring them in to have them checked to see how things are going, and so we can offer advice on correct teeth brushing and care.

We work with children of all ages, so rest assured we go out of our way to settle any nerves and provide an environment that feels caring and comfortable, so they have a positive experience right from the start.

If you have any concerns about your child’s teeth, chat to one of our Corinda dentists on 07 3379 4040 today.